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join the team! looking for an event management trainee
join the team! looking for an event management trainee
join the team! looking for an event management trainee
Published by Kåska Family
hey there!

we’re on the lookout for a rockstar event management trainee to join our team. if you have a passion for project management and a thirst for learning and growing your skills in the event industry, then we want to hear from you!

requirements & job description

our trainee program runs from april-may to august-september (depending on your availability) and offers a salary of 1000,00€ per month. this is a full-time gig, but we believe in a healthy life-work balance, so we offer very flexible hours so you can pursue personal projects, studies, or even another part-time job if you want.

as an event management trainee, you'll be the behind-the-scenes hero, responsible for technical production for bar/promotion set-ups in summer festivals and outside events, business-to-business event sales and management, project team leadership and management, and promotional work. you'll be part of a small tight-knit team, and will have a chance to take on more responsibilities and freedom to work in your own way as you get into the groove.

you'll need a driver's license and the ability to handle complex projects. you'll also need to be a student in cultural management or project management, or have entry-level experience in these areas. any experience in working with drinks or cocktails is definitely a bonus, but not a requirement.

we are committed to helping our team members grow and achieve their career goals. after the trainee program, there may be opportunities for part or full-time employment, depending on the results and potential you have shown and on the status of our company needs.

how to apply

if you are passionate about event management, and are looking for a rewarding opportunity to grow and learn, we encourage you to apply! send us your CV/portfolio and your application to, we’ll get back to you asap. :)

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