Kåska means Because

Kåska, when pronounced the Finnish way, means "because" in our native tongue.

Because drinking has changed, and because shared moments taste better.

Kåska Mission


For Afternoons Together

Because shared moments taste better.

Our mission is simple – we want to create social moments. Conversations and good times over tasty light drinks. Every bottle of Kåska is made for your casual afternoons together, for the gatherings that you want to remember.

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Kåska Impact
The Spirit Of Change

Alcohol creates problems. We want to do our part to solve them too.

% For Change

Kåska has 15% alcohol, so 15% of our sales margin goes to supporting grass root social impact projects that focus on issues like reducing loneliness and social isolation.

Because having friends is a human right.

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Kåska Casual Spirit
15% ABV
Kåska Casual Spirit
Kåska Casual Spirit

Crisp and fresh with spruce forest, citrus and floral notes.

Less alcohol, full experience. No sugar, only flavour. For afternoons together.

Made by combining traditional and modern distilling methods in a completely unusual way to create a unique taste and mouthfeel.

Besser zusammen
Treten Sie der Familie bei. Schreiben Sie uns eine Nachricht, markieren Sie uns in Ihren Bildern und Videos oder konzentrieren Sie sich einfach darauf, aus der Ferne zu genießen und zu folgen. Gemeinsame Momente schmecken besser.

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