kåska choco

Snow and cold weather, what a perfect excuse for pulling up your woollen socks and getting cosy under a blanket with a steaming cup of hot chocolate 😋 We spice ours up with a bit of spruce 🌲


40 ml (4 cl) Kåska Casual Spirit
cocoa powder
oat milk
candy cane for garnish


highball / mug

how to make one:

heat up your oat milk, mix the cocoa powder according to either your own taste or the instructions on the cocoa powder package. add sugar according to your taste. if you happen to use a sugar bomb of a cocoa powder already, then we wouldn't recommend adding any. pour the hot chocolate into a glass or mug and add 40 ml of Kåska Casual Spirit on top. garnish with a sugar cane. pull your socks on and make another one to a friend.