go with the low.

low alcohol drinks to cool down and take things slow with.

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made by people who love good drinks but suck at drinking. big taste, low alcohol drinks and spirits for celebrating the easy everyday moments of your life.

drinks to unwind.

step away from your busy everyday to share a moment together.

our mission is simple – we want to create social moments. conversations and good times over tasty light drinks. every bottle or can is made for your relaxed afternoons together, for the casual gatherings that you want to remember.

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never compromise on taste. going low should always be an upgrade on flavour. we work tirelessly to give you the best experience possible.

all our drinks are handmade in Finland, using spirits that are manufactured with a unique dual still method that boosts botanical flavours to levels unrivaled by any traditional products.

alcohol causes problems. we want to do our part to solve some too. part of our sales margin goes directly to supporting impact projects and organizations that focus on social wellbeing.

kåska casual spirit
15% ABV
kåska casual spirit
kåska casual spirit

crisp and fresh with spruce forest, citrus and floral notes.

less alcohol, full experience. no sugar, only flavour. for afternoons together.

made by combining traditional and modern distilling methods in a completely unusual way to create a unique taste and mouthfeel.

Better Together
Join the family. Hit us up with a message, tag us in your pics and vids, or just focus on enjoying and follow from a distance. Shared moments taste better.

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