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looking to create an unforgettable event for your guests?

get a personal Kåska bar experience to bring your drinks game to a whole new level!

whether it's a corporate event, summer party, christmas party, wedding, tailored cocktail school or even a festival production, we design each occasion according to your wishes, with a relaxed and responsible approach. our team has loads of experience in creating high quality low-alcohol and alcohol-free drinks and full bar set-ups suitable for any event, ensuring a carefree and satisfying experience for you and and your guests.

big taste, little alcohol.

finally, less is truly more. Kåska's products are handmade in Finland using unique production methods to create unrivaled taste with much less booze.

let's build a more responsible drinking culture one great drink and celebration at a time. choose Kåska for your next event and enjoy unforgettable cocktails made with taste and experience in mind!

interested? drop us a message!

our happy event clients include the likes of Stockmann, Nordea, Miltton, Bou and Otava, to name a few. tell us your event needs on the form below to be the next satisfied customer!

our event services are only available in Finland at the moment.