kåska sour

because who doesn't love a sour?⁠ 🍋🌲 impress your guests with crazy shaking skills and serve them up with this new take on a classic. alc-vol: 7-8%


smaller glass of choice
5cl kåska⁠ casual spirit⠀
2cl fresh squeezed lemon juice (usually half lemon)
1.5cl sugar syrup*
lemon peel⁠ (peel it before you split it in half)

how to make one:

sugar syrup:

1:1 ratio sugar and water. pro tip; use dl for the liquid and grams for sugar. so 1dl water and 100g sugar. you may either cook a batch up on your stove or mix with a bamix in lukewarm water. in case you're in a rush, we prefer the bamix trick. the idea is for the sugar to dissolve into the water.

the eggless version (we prefer this one):
add the liquid ingredients and ice into a shaker (or any container with a sealable lid). close the shaking object and make sure to keep it tight for the shaking. shake it, shake, shake it, shake it, shake, shake it for about 10-15 seconds. fine strain into your glass. squeeze the oils from the lemon peel on top of the drink and garnish. enjoy with your buddies!

the version with an egg:
this is for the carnivores. the how-to is the same as without the egg, but first you need to dry shake the liquids (shaking without ice). we're using only the egg white of the egg, so be sure to split the yolk from the white. 1 egg white is enough for 2-3 drinks. dry shake for 10-15 seconds. open up, fill the shaker with ice and continue with the instructions from the eggless version.

we hope you like it!

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