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kåska awarded highest points for a low-abv spirit at IWSC!
kåska awarded highest points for a low-abv spirit at IWSC!
kåska awarded highest points for a low-abv spirit at IWSC!
Published by Fred Karlsson

not to pump our own tires too much, but this is makes us pretty happy.

International Wine & Spirit Competition is as old and prestigious as it sounds like. they've been around for 50 years now. that's about 100x the time that kåska casual spirit has been around. we're those new, weird kids, but good for us, for their age, our buddy IWSC is pretty progressive.

90/100 points!

now, the IWSC might be old, but the reason they make blind tasting has nothing to do with the judges impaired eyesights. on the contrary, we are pretty sure most of them have pretty sharp eyes. but by doing this, they make sure that each spirit is treated equally. no branding, no nothing. just the aroma and flavour. for us to score 90 out of a 100 points with kåska casual spirit as a newcomer is really special. thanks!

in our category of low- & no-alcohol distilled spirits, there were a few excellent non-alc products that took even better point hauls home for their products. congrats to them too! if you want to take a look at the full list of all awarded products, click here for the magical rainbow bridge of internet and it will deliver you there.

tasting notes from the jury:

evocative and earthy with pine forest aromas. the palate is green and spicy with lifted floral, citrus and juniper notes. refreshing, expressive and balanced.

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