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Impact Report 2020-2021
Impact Report 2020-2021
Impact Report 2020-2021
Published by Kåska Family

read the full report here.

smål steps towards a bigger future.

this is our first impact report. wow. feels surreal to be here, reflect back and see where we have got. 

when we founded Kåska a few years ago, one thing in our minds was above all else: purpose over riches. we wanted to create a drinks company that prioritises people over profits, good times over quick bucks. that’s what makes us tick.

early on we settled on a principle: % for change. based on the alcohol volume in our products, we would give back to the communities we work in from our margin. 15% for each bottle of Kåska Casual, 2,8% for each can of Smål Boosted Kombucha, and so on. 

what we aim to do is to create moments together. we seek out organizations who focus in creating human interactions, meetings and relationships, and give to them. we then track those interactions, moments we create together, to make sure that your impact funds are well spent.

this is only the beginning. and we’re super stoked to see what comes next!

by the time of writing this, we have barely begun our journey. two products, very little sales, a small team. despite this, we stay true to our dream: becoming the most impactful drinks company in the world. it’s a big dream, but thanks to you, we have a reason to be optimistic about it.

thank you for creating positive change with us, one glass at a time. so far, you have purchased products enough to make 50 000 drinks – cheers, kippis, skål to each and every one. you made this happen. 

total impact: 5 191.65€

read the full report here.

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