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kåska conversation cards for casual talks
kåska conversation cards for casual talks
kåska conversation cards for casual talks
Published by Kåska Family

"the weather's been quite great lately, hasn't it?"

we've all been in a situation where the conversation isn't fired instantly and talking about weather grows old rather quickly. conversation cards are a great way to kickstart the conversation even between strangers, casually around drinks.

"is there a right way to eat pizza?" or "what's your favourite dinosaur?" are some of our cheeky favourites that might get your moments with friends and new acquaintances a lot more fun.

kåska conversations started out as coasters to select venues and popups that we organised during the summer of 2020. but because we live in a digital world, it's now available digitally too!

the next time you're out of things to talk about, just click your way through kåska conversations at

kåska conversations online edition

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