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Kåska secures 215,000€ in seed funding
Kåska secures 215,000€ in seed funding
Kåska secures 215,000€ in seed funding
Published by Kåska Family

press release 9.3.2021

the global market for low-alcohol distilled spirits has an annual growth rate of nearly 80% over the past two years, according to IWSR reports. Kåska Ltd is one of the first players in the industry, and now the company seeks expansion towards the international market with its recently completed seed investment round.

Kåska Ltd, founded in Helsinki in 2019 by friends Eetu Topo and Fred Karlsson, has raised 215,000€ in seed funding. the company’s first product, botanical 15% abv Kåska Casual Spirit, was released a year ago in Finland, and is also currently available on the Hong Kong market. with the new investment, Kåska plans to expand into at least two new markets in 2021, as well as launch new products and strengthen its design and brand expertise.

with new investors stepping in, Kåska will gain a much stronger backing for international expansion. new shareholders include Cheese Helsinki, a food and beverage creative agency; Heino Group, a former Finnish wholesaler and investment company; and Nordic Premium Beverages, a manufacturer of products for Kåska, with involvement in several other internationally awarded products. “we see significant growth potential in the development and manufacture of low-alcohol products. we are very happy to be involved in building a new Finnish growth story,” declares Samuli Taponen, Chairman of the Board at Nordic Premium Beverages.

low-alcohol distillates are the fastest growing alcoholic beverage segment in the world

a recent study by International Wines and Spirits Research (IWSR, 2021) revealed that the annual growth rate of low-alcohol distillates has been staggering. over the last two years, the market has grown by nearly 80% annually. in comparison, traditional distillates and spirits were consumed 5.6% less in 2019 than in the previous year. with big international spirit houses currently entering this emerging market, expectations are high that this type of rapid growth will continue.

“drinking has changed,” explains Kåska co-founder Eetu Topo. “we see a clear emerging trend where alcohol is consumed in much smaller quantities; but this change has not really reached traditional spirits until now. with Kåska, our goal is to create products that make ‘drinking low’ both easy and tasty. now, with new investors and partners stepping on board, it’s exciting to be among the first companies to create change in the industry” Topo concludes.

Kåska Ltd. is a Helsinki-based Finnish low-alcohol spirit company, with a mission to bring people together to enjoy shared moments. the first product offering is internationally awarded Kåska Casual Spirit, a light, sweetener-free and distilled spruce & lemon spirit with 15% abv, which is designed to be mixed into low-alcohol cocktails in a way not unlike traditional spirits. 15% of the Kåska Casual Spirit sales margin is used to support organizations and social impact projects that focus on issues such as reducing loneliness and social isolation. Kåska was released for retail on 18 May, 2020.


for additional information, please contact:
Eetu Topo, Co-Founder, Kåska Ltd
+358 50 536 9089

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