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Your Impact
Creating positive change inside and outside of your glass.

Drinking Responsibly

Alcohol causes problems. We want to do our part to solve some too.

Yes, being a responsible business and selling alcohol might not sound like the easiest combination, but we are trying our best. While Kåska products are created to make drinking less alcohol a bit more easy and tasty, we believe that it should not end there. Our main mission is to create social moments, and by buying our products, you give us a chance to do exactly that.

% for change

Kåska Casual Spirit has 15% alcohol, so 15% of our sales margin goes to supporting grass root social impact projects and organizations that focus on issues like reducing loneliness and social isolation. This means that about 1,5€ per bottle is directed to this cause, or about 0,15€ per drink.

1,5€ / bottle, 0,15€ / drink.

We are not experts in working with social issues. That's why we support those who are. When a bottle of Kåska is sold, we put aside 15% of our margin for impact organizations who have devoted their existence into creating positive change. We select ones who focus in creating human interactions, meetings and relationships. We then track those interactions, moments we create together, to make sure that your impact funds are well spent. After each year, starting in 2021, we will release a report on your impact results and all the other fun numbers right here. And because we Finns have a bit of an obsession about honesty and transparency, we want to share our salaries and such numbers too when that happens. That's a promise.

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creating social moments creating social moments
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