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Kåska Masters 2023

Hello cocktail-guru!

We would like to invite you to participate in the Kåska Masters cocktail competition. The purpose is to find the next legendary Kåska drink, and we believe you would be the perfect contestant.

A few guidelines for creating the drink:
  1. Design a simple and delicious cocktail.

  2. The main ingredient must be either Kåska Casual Spirit or Smål Aperitivo.

  3. You can also use homemade ingredients if you wish. Do not use any alcoholic products stronger than 21% in the drink.

Participating is super easy: We need the recipe of your drink and a picture of the cocktail. Please send them to us at by August 29th. Also, remember to mention the bar or restaurant where you work.

As part of the competition, there will be a sales contest from October 1st to December 31st. Part of the competition points (and the prize) depends on how many of your cocktails you serve – either at your workplace or at other venues if you manage to get other restaurants or bars involved! For each new listing, you will receive 3 bottles of your chosen Kåska product to help you along.

After submitting the recipe, you are also welcome to join our voluntary Kåska Invitational minigolf tournament & afterparty in Helsinki on September 12th, where the finalists will be announced.

The total score of the competition is divided as follows: 50% for the taste, appearance, and repeatability of the recipe, 25% for the sales competition, 20% for the story, inspiration, and presentation, and 5% for an additional boost from a putt competition held during the finals. The finals will take place in Helsinki on January 15th, 2024.

The prize includes the coveted Inaugural Kåska Masters trophy and a prize pool that accumulates 1€ for each competition drink sold by the winner. Additionally, the winner can choose either a green card training or a year's golf club membership if they already have a green card. And most importantly, the winning drink will become an official Kåska signature cocktail.

This is your opportunity to unleash your creativity and showcase your skills. Could you be the world's first Kåska Masters winner? Join us in creating a new Kåska classic!


Eetu Topo
Founder, Kåska

Mika Ammunét
Founder, Mate Hospitality