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winter inspired low-alc cocktails to make at home
winter inspired low-alc cocktails to make at home
winter inspired low-alc cocktails to make at home
Published by Kåska Family

it's the time for living room moments and cocktails.

honestly, heading into the cold season is not one of our favourite things in the world. but seasons are important, and imagine how boring an eternal summer would be like? pretty boring. when you have contrast, it's easier to appreciate the good times more.

now, good times don't have to stop with the summer ending. in true 2020 fashion, living rooms and small gatherings are in. and being smart about them is in too, no-one wants to get the you-know-what. but, no matter if it's you, two, three or however many people you're comfortable in inviting, we have some drink tips for you. ready?


oh yes, one of the best cocktails of all time gets an update. or a low-date, if you will. savoury, bitter, warming, just the fit for a november afternoon tipple.


2cl kåska casual⁠⠀
2cl non-alcoholic red bitter (try @aecorn_drinks)⁠
2cl sweet vermouth⁠⠀
slice of orange⁠⠀

how to make one:

measure the ingredients into an on the rocks glass, add an ice block and stir with a spoon, finish with an orange slice.

the sweet reason

spruce, lemon, honey. now that's a crazy good combo! this shaken beauty is originally from our friends at Hello Stranger, and one of our immediate faves.


5cl kåska⁠ casual
2cl fresh lemon juice
2cl honey syrup (1 part honey, one part boiled water)
orange peel⠀

how to make one:

measure the liquids into your shaker, or a jar with a lid, or thermos, or whatever you have lying around which can be used as such. add a hefty amount of ice, give it a proper shake for around 15 seconds or so. pour the drink through a strainer into a glass, no ice in this one! garnish with an orange peel.

kåska bucha

more of an all-around favourite, but the other half of kåska bucha, the kombucha, carries some extra benefits for your body. and that's a good thing during the dark days. we dig it. your tummy does too.


5cl kåska casual
15cl kombucha
slice of lemon
spruce needles or rosemary

how to make one:

fill a wine glass with ice, add kåska, top up with kombucha, garnish with a fresh slice of lemon and spruce or rosemary. give to a friend and make a second one for yourself.

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