Kåska is available in multiple Alko stores around Finland
Kåska is available in multiple Alko stores around Finland
Kåska is available in multiple Alko stores around Finland
Published by Fred Karlsson

We are growing into our big-boy-pants.

Alko, the Finnish retail monopoly, has expanded the availability of our Kåska Casual Spirit! Visit the Alko Web Store by clicking here if you fancy a bottle and want to see the current availability. Being upgraded to the standard selection is a big thing for a small low-alcohol company like us, and we have been pretty stoked about this development here at Kåska.

Something to celebrate with?

How about a Kåska Bucha? Is that a yes? Brilliant, here's how:

Kåska Bucha

5cl Kåska Casual Spirit
15cl Kombucha
Slice of lemon
Spruce needles or rosemary

How to make one:

Fill a wine glass with ice, add Kåska, top up with kombucha, garnish with a fresh slice of lemon and spruce or rosemary. Give it to a friend and make a second one for yourself.

Kåska Casual Spirit
15% ABV
Kåska Casual Spirit
Kåska Casual Spirit

Lighter drinks for afternoons together

Kåska is for sophisticated drinks with three times less alcohol by volume than with traditional spirits and no added sugar. Less alcohol, low calories, full experience and for longer moments with your friends.



What's in the bottle

Kåska Casual Spirit is crisp and fresh with spruce forest, citrus and floral notes. It's a low alcohol botanical spirit with Finnish spruce and lemon as the main spices. In total there are 15 botanicals creating a unique taste and mouthfeel.

How to use Kåska

Use Kåska in drinks as you would use traditional clear spirits or have a go at some of our favourites; Kåska BuchaLowgråni or Kåska Sour

Better Together
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