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Hi! Hello you! You must be that curious type, always in the mood for more knowledge, and we respect that. This page is for you, scroll down to get to know us a bit better.

kåska was born out of a simple idea – because drinking has changed, it's time for spirits to change too. less alcohol, full experiences.

great to have you here! now, it's probably polite for us to introduce ourselves.

we are kåska, a low-alcohol drinks company from Finland.

not sure how to pronounce our name? that's ok, that weird "a" with a donut on top is actually a fancy nordic version of the letter "o", if that helps. the kåska founders have names too: Fred & Eetu, two Helsinki-based friends who get tipsy way too easily and wanted to do something about that.

at kåska we like to think simple.

that's why we wanted to make drinking less a bit more simple too. for ages, people have gathered together around drinks to share stories, to celebrate important moments, and to enjoy the company of others. but today, as we focus more and more on our wellbeing, our relationships with alcohol have started to shift too. drinking less, experiencing more.

we set out to create drinks that let you focus on the most important things: the moments you want to remember. kåska products contain considerably less alcohol compared to traditional alternatives, but they still pack a punch. we want to encourage responsible, conscious drinking, putting flavour and experience first.

kåska means because.

kåska, when pronounced the Finnish way, means "because" in our native tongue. because we want to create positive change, inside and outside of your glass. because we want to create social moments. because we believe that spending time together is not actually spending, but rather investing into yourself. and because why not. challenging the status quo in a positive way is what makes us tick.

kåska products are made in Finland, and we are proud of that. proud of our nordic heritage. equal opportunity and treatment of others are some of the most basic Finnish values, and the way we conduct our business is based on that very way of thinking. someone might call us a socialistic company, and we're pretty cool with that analogy. and yes, being a responsible business and selling alcohol might not sound like the easiest combination, but we are doing our best to live by our word. read more about that on our impact page by clicking here.

our spirits are transparent, and our goal is to be as open and transparent as possible too. so if the "about" we have put together here does not fill your appetite, slide into our dm's – our ig and fb are in the footer. it's okay, we are easy, just like our products.

get to know us better.

yes, this is it, the end of this page. but we hope that it's also a beginning of something else – getting to know what you would put into your personal "about page". join our community, let's get together.

...maybe book us for your next event?

read more about our tailor-made bar catering for any event here and leave an enquiry. 

Better Together
Join the family. Hit us up with a message, tag us in your pics and vids, or just focus on enjoying and follow from a distance. Shared moments taste better.

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